Save the baby

Short Description: 

A system that digitalized the Maternal and Child Health Handbook and connecting mothers and children with a view to preventing and mitigating disasters.

Project description: 

We will develop a system that will allow mothers and children to receive health care info.
It will be able to connect a mother and a baby to a medical personnel or disaster medical rescue team in time of disaster.
And it will also help health professionals collect information epidemics in the field.
The system can be used in the local language. It will improve the mothers ability to deal with basic health issues. It will also help health professionals collect information epidemics in the field.
It is a kind of linked open data system shared by mothers and doctors.

Key features: 

It’s a service to record health data using telephone line to suit for the communication environment of the developing countries.


【Save the Baby】

【Save the Baby】
Mothers as life savers

Project to systemize the maternity health record book (made in Japan) for the better future

With loss and damages from disasters increasing globally, Japan and the World Bank have made an effort to share Japan’s knowledge to strengthen resilience. In Feb. 2014, Global Disaster Response and Prevention Hackathon was held to commemorate the launch of Disaster Risk Management Hub in the Tokyo Office of the World Bank.
The subject matter was “The Developing World × Disaster Response and Prevention” using ICT (Information and Communication Technology). Total of 28 teams, 171 participants gathered in Tokyo, Ishinomaki, and Nagoya.
“Save the Baby” by Team 137 took first place out of the 16 teams that participated in Tokyo.

“Save the Baby” is the project to develop the system of the maternity health record book - the record book was originally created in Japan. The system can be useful daily and also in the time of disaster. Key features are as follows:
・Record health information of the baby, such as weight, vaccination, allergies etc
・Information delivery through the phone/internet, according to the due date and the baby’s age
・Visualize infection status and provide protective measures against viral infection
・Provide health information for medical personnel in multi languages in the time of disaster

“Save the Baby” is more than the maternity health record book system. To protect the children, our goal is to make a better society as follows:
・Prevent the health imbalance of the mother and child worldwide, and bring a smile to each
・Reduce viral infection (The cause of the children’s death in developing countries are diarrhea, malnutrition, and infectious diseases after natural disasters)
・Improve reproductive health by creating an environment for the mothers to learn about hygiene in developing countries
・Also stated in the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, our goal is to “Reduce child mortality”, “Improve maternal health”, and “Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases”

Build the maternity health record book system for the developing countries
To create the secure environment for children, parents in the developing countries for a free of cost

Reduce child mortality by preventing diseases from spreading

①Recording health information, also useful during a natural disaster
②Information delivery thru the phone/internet

①Providing health information for medical personnel
②Visualizing infection status